Definition of a Lead

The definition of what a lead means.
Leads = # of Calls + # of Web Form Submissions

A lead is a person or group that has the ability or interest in purchasing from you. They're someone or some group that has not been sold to yet. They can be followed up because they have potential to become your customer.

The key datum here is that they are not sold yet on your product. You still have to sell to them to close the deal.

Some people define a lead a person or group that is both interested in your product and has the authority and budget to purchase. We think that's a bit limiting because some leads might not have the budget for your product or service, but can still purchase it. For example, the lead could become a customer by purchasing your product via a loan, or on credit, or another means. The fact is that a lead is really anyone or any group which reaches out to your company or shows interest in your product.

It should also be noted that any sort of reach is an interest and from there it should be nurtured into a sale.

In our stats report emails, leads are calculated by adding the number of calls you received from your website plus the number of contact info details that have been submitted through online forms on your website. We count both of those as leads because they expressed some interest in reaching out to your company.

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