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How to do Last Minute Holiday SEO

So it’s the holiday crunch time and you need to see results from SEO fast!

Time to freak out!? No, there are tons of things you can do that will create an impact even last minute.

I’ve compiled a list below of actions you can do right now which will impact your SEO ranks quickly this holiday season. Continue reading

10 SEO Stats You Need to Arm Yourself With

If you do search engine optimization as part of your job description you need to arm yourself with these stats. If you’re an SEO or marketing agency use theses stats to help sell SEO to your prospects, keep your clients agreement that they need SEO, and to up lift your own spirits that what your doing works. If you work as an in house SEO then these stats will help you keep your job, keep your boss convinced they need SEO, validate your efforts, impress the staff at meetings, and maintain your confidence that SEO will work for for your company. Continue reading