How to do Last Minute Holiday SEO

So it’s the holiday crunch time and you need to see results from SEO fast!

Time to freak out!? No, there are tons of things you can do that will create an impact even last minute.

I’ve compiled a list below of actions you can do right now which will impact your SEO ranks quickly this holiday season.

  1. Write a blog post.

    Put together a short quality blog post can quickly rank you for long tail keywords.

    Blog posts on platforms such as WordPress typically get picked up by Google rapidly. So you can get a page indexed quickly.

    Now to make this generate more of an impact for you, write the post so it contains long tail keywords relevant to your website.

    Obviously you need to do some research first. Also keep in mind you want to find keywords that have low to almost no competition.

    Targeting keywords that fit that criteria will get you ranking quickly and some traffic.

    Now let’s turn that up a notch! If you really want to create some traffic write several posts and then use the skyscraper technique.

    Doing that successfully will drive more traffic, links and social shares to your website than you can shake a stick at!

  2. Get new life out of old content.

    Using a few techniques you can make your old content produce more traffic and conversions.

    First gather up a list of all your most successful blog posts.

    Next go through each blog post and create an additional resource for each, such as a checklist on implementing points you went over in your post, etc.

    Make sure it has enough value that people would want to give you their email for it.

    Now create a form for each so that visitors can download your new content when they enter their email.

    Then imminent the skyscraper technique on each of these blog post. Even if you’ve done this technique on that blog post in the past, do it again now and highlight the fact you have this new downloaded content.

    Doing all this will get you more links, mentions and traffic fast and could quickly make an old piece of content rank higher.

  3. Offer last minute holiday deals.

    This technique will gain buzz about your brand quickly and as a result should improve your ranking fast.

    Come up with some awesome last minute holiday deals that you can give out.

    Make sure the deal is awesome. This won’t work if your deal or deals are not something that will create buzz.

    Now create a landing page for this deal. From your landing page link to pages on your site you want to rank. Make sure the anchor text is a form of a keyword you want the page to rank for.

    Next it’s time to get the word out!

    Post about your deal on all your social media accounts. Find people on those accounts that are not your followers and tell them about the deal.

    Next research bloggers that you know would like your deal. Email them and tell them about your deal.

    And if you can spare a little dough set up some Facebook and Twitter ads about your deal.

    That should start to create some buzz if you have a deal people really won’t.

    And the result of that should be links, shares and traffic to your deal landing page, which will in-turn boost your rankings of your linked to pages.

  4. Leverage the holiday spirit.

    Being it’s the time of giving you should use that to your advantage.

    Send out some emails to potential websites you’d like to get a link from.

    But the trick here is to ask them to do it for the holidays. People are more inclined to give you a link if it has some significance or meaning to them.

    Doing enough of this with the right email message can get you some links quickly from some authoritative sites, this boosting your rankings quickly.

    You can even offer to give them a holiday gift for helping you.

  5. Get site changes to show up in Google fast.

    As you know if can take some time for changes to your site to take effect in Google.

    This is one biggest barriers to quickly getting results to changes you make that will improve your ranking.

    But there are a few things you can do that will help drastic speed this up.

    One, after you change your content update your Sitemap file. And the. Resubmit it to Google Webmaster Tools.

    Two, post a link to your newly update content on all your social media account, especially Facebook and Twitter.

    As we’ll make sure you write a quality post that gets people reporting your content.

    The idea here is that you want as many people’s accounts linking to your content as possible, as quickly as possible.

    To make that work even better if suggest purchasing some ads on Twitter and Facebook with the goal of getting it liked, favorited, reposted and retweeted by as many people as you can.

    Three, write a new blog post and link to your updated content. Then follow all of the above 2 methods for that blog post.

    Four, get someone else to link to your new updated content. And have them or yourself do methods 1-2 on the page they’re linking to you from.

Well, there you have it! Some methods for improving SEO quickly this holiday season. May it being you cheer, joy and a Happy Holiday!

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